Location: Burlington, OH, mile 314.9 OR

This is the location of Superior’s primary administrative offices.  At this facility Superior has over 12,000 sf of office space.  Under the same roof it also contains a 23,625 sf fabrication shop complete with rail system and fully equipped with a 25 ton overhead Morgan crane, 750 and 200 ton press brakes, hydraulic sheers and a heavy duty punch press.  Adjoining this space is a 12,750 sf machine shop equipped with a 10 ton overhead Morgan crane and a variety of mills and lathes capable of machining shafts up to 10” x 40’.  Recent projects have included new boat construction for the Corp of Engineers.  This location also serves as the home for our “future” marine way and our current boat repair and barge repair facility complete with a 2,500 ton and 650 ton dry dock.  

We are currently in the process of constructing a new 65’ vessel at our facility.